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Lena Banks

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Lena Banks is a scriptwriting advisor, teacher, mentor, manager and muse with 18+ years experience in Hollywood.  She provides up-to-date, professional scriptwriting analysis services for all levels, from the well-known to the yet-to-be-known. She is lovingly known as “The Bitch With The Red Pen” for her iron will, but with an angel’s touch – her Red Pen markups are legendary for getting that final polish on your script. 

Don’t let your script out of your sight until you’ve cleaned it up by getting a story-line analysis and a red pen mark-up  You must find out what has to be cleaned up BEFORE anyone sets eyes on it.  All pro writers get help so don’t think you can make it without it.   For over 18 years Lena has offered top of the line Script Analysis, Proofreading & Editing, Mentoring, Re-Writing, Ghostwriting, story-line and character development, writer’s block relief, Hollywood hand-holding and much more.  She can pick up the phone and place a script anywhere – and will do that – when your script meets Hollywood Professional Standards.

Call 818 585 7272 for a free 15 minute consultation

  • Lena’s here to be informative not judgmental
  • Lena’s here to help you grow as a writer and be the best that you can be
  • Lena’s here to encourage you to hang in there and guide you to write a brilliant screenplay
  • Lena will keep your information private and confidential

Lena Banks and Robert McKee

“We’re hamming it up for the camera.” Lena Banks

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